Prevention of varicose veins

Varicose veins occur in 60% of the fairer sex. Its danger is an invisible disease. In the early stages can take years, and the girls do not immediately detect it on its feet, and when you see dilated veins without any serious measures to deal with them is not enough.

Prevention of varicose veins helps to prevent complications and slow the progression of the disease and the destruction of the healthy vessels. It is based on an integrated approach, you need to work on the private placement side, so that the varicosity spoil the beautiful appearance of the feet.

Among the factors for recovery from varicose veins secrete:

  • The choice of the optimal mode of the day, it is the daily compliance with the sleep and rest which leg rest. If sedentary work need to take breaks to walk around and often change the sitting position.
  • Prevent sitting posture "foot to foot".
  • During the day you should change the height from the bottom of shoes, not just heels hurt varicose veins, but with a flat bottom.Do not wear tight clothes, because it is worsening the movement of blood in the groin area.
  • During the rest of the sea need not only to swim, but if the beach is pebbly, that you can walk on it. To stay choose one climatic zone.
  • To prevent constipation, because they are the cause of increased pressure in the blood vessels of the pelvis.
Prevention of varicose veins1

These recommendations will help slow the progression of varicose veins and the prevention is proper nutrition, optimal exercise and gymnastics, drugs and folk remedies to relieve symptoms and improve the condition of the veins.


It depends on the General condition of the human body. First of all, you need to remove or at least significantly reduce their use:

  1. Bakery products, sweet and fatty foods. They increase the weight and it will give a significant load on the legs.
  2. Marinades and nourishing meals to provoke the expansion of the walls of blood vessels.
  3. Alcohol and coffee are pulling water from the cells, which has a detrimental impact on the body.

Prevention of varicose veins in the legs need to include foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals:

Prevention of varicose veins2
  1. The large amount of fiber contained in cereals and the skins of berries, fruits and vegetables. It is important to the entire body, in order to absorb unnecessary substances, and even radionuclides, in the role of a cleaner bowel.
  2. Copper can be kidney, lamb, seafood and beef liver.
  3. Vitamin E include egg yolks, butter, beans, wheat, liver and spring onions.
  4. Vitamin C and R are the peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, sea buckthorn, walnuts.

e-these factors contribute to the production of elastin which improves the elasticity of the venous walls. The animal oil, when the disease is best to replace the plant, the latter has a positive effect on varicose veins.

Physical culture

Not everyone can boast the title of master of sports, but to prevent the occurrence of varicose veins or ease the life with him is constant enough to make time for Hiking, running, Cycling, trips to the pool, and perform simple exercises at home.

Just exercise, you need to give the body every day, make a point to move more, less stand and sit.

Some gymnastic exercises can easily be performed at home.

Exercises lying down

Position the stomach, you can resort to the following exercises:

  • To rest his forehead on the floor, and hands placed along the body, then you need to alternately raise each foot, and how to keep it.
  • Legs bent at the knees and bring the heels to the buttocks.

Lie on your back, you need to make these moves:

  • Alternately rotate legs as if riding, this exercise is called "bicycle".
  • Lying on his back, legs, lift slightly and begin to mix them. This exercise is called scissors.

Sideways position. You should start immediately, lift the left leg first straight and then bent at the knee. Also made the right leg, is lying on the left side.

If you select other exercises in the supine position and standing you have to consider that the static stress on the feet are not covered.

Exercises sitting

These exercises is beneficial to those who spend their entire day at work sitting at the table for their implementation will be sufficient once or twice a day, you can share 20 minutes.

The most effective prevention of varicose veins in the legs is considered to be:

  • Raise and lower the foot to the toes;
  • Put feet in socks, send them to each other, and then race the socks and attach to the heel;
  • Alternately move the foot from heel to toe;
  • Lift your legs, bending them at the knees, and swinging from side to side;
  • Rest your feet heels on the floor and put pressure on them.

All of these physical activities, to help cope with severe varicosity warned of his appearance to him at any premises.


Medicines prescribed by the doctor for each individual, based on the clinical picture of the disease. Their activities should be directed to the following points:

  • Effective relief from the symptoms of varicose veins by thinning the blood, reducing the swelling in the legs and their severity;
  • Increased tone of the venous walls;
  • To reduce the possible complications.

Together with the medicine can be used external funds to improve their impact and faster to cope with the disease.


The early stages of developing varicose veins prevention, doctors recommend that you wear special stockings or socks. Wearing they do not cure the disease, but to prevent the swelling of the veins, and the ones that already are will become more flexible and eventually will be reduced. They are made of special fibers and improve blood flow to the heart.

This therapeutic support stockings can be bought in pharmacies or orthopedic salons. They are selected by size, for this you need to spend a couple of sizes indicated on the packaging . Products very strict, but did not stop the outflow of blood, but rather to improve it, because the distribution of packs to the groin of 20% and at the ankles – 100% of the lap – 75%, hips 50%.

Their appearance should not be afraid, they resemble a dense socks are black and beige. They can be worn instead of conventional socks.

Put the compression garment lying, first you need to gently get the tip of the heel, so as not to damage the threads of the woven product in the field of bone.

Tights and socks are three classes of compression. The first category is recommended for the prevention, while the second and third are required during the treatment of the disease.

Such a knit can be replaced by an elastic bandage, before using it you need to lie down with your feet elevated a quarter of an hour.

Lift the legs at right angles, it is necessary for the prevention of varicose veins, every day, perform this exercise twice a day for six minutes.

The methods above tell you how to avoid varicose veins the legs time to carry out prevention of the disease. In the presence of the disease, you need to find yourself an experienced phlebologist who had observed the condition of the veins and the disease process.