Varicose veins – it is largely a disease of the lower extremities caused by impaired blood flow and poor operation of the main blood vessels valves. There are the above-mentioned problems mainly to thinning of the venous walls and formation of blood stasis.

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Describe the disease can be very serious consequences. Therefore, it is important to recognize its symptoms in time. It is important to understand that varicose veins, the symptoms, which were identified early in its development, quite receptive to conservative treatments. The first symptoms of the disease:

  • through the skin clearly shining through the web of blood vessels;
  • occur spider veins;
  • is protruding veins or small seal.

You do not need to perceive the first symptoms of varicose veins than just an unpleasant cosmetic defect, it is better not to delay the visit to the phlebologist.


What are the main signs show the person, then it was time to make an appointment to see a specialist – a phlebologist?

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  • The first symptom of varicose veins is in the evening heaviness in the legs. Totally unfair to draw to this problem attention. But if the burden and fatigue of the lower extremities will become a common event for one or two months, you will need to comply with the condition of his body.
  • Swelling of the lower extremities also is not a normal manifestation. Of course, swelling, as such, cannot be considered an indisputable symptoms of varicose veins, but the occurrence of this problem gives a reason for going over the expert.
  • More obvious signs of the development of varicose veins in the legs are regularly the pain. The nature of pain, this disease is quite diverse, so it is very difficult to give a precise description of this manifestation of the disease. However, it should be noted that the constant pain in the lower extremities, combined with one of a number of these symptoms indicate the development of these diseases.
  • More advanced stages of the disease the venous pattern began to speak clearly and become more noticeable. You might start to see bruising and swelling in the most affected areas and is not enough without serious treatment.