Treatment of varicose veins with hydrogen peroxide

This problem leads to a weakening of the vein walls and poor circulation in the lower extremities. In the absence of timely treatment, the disease can give complications such as thrombophlebitis of the veins, characterized by the formation of blood clots.

Treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities is usually carried out in a medical facility by standard methods. If the disease is not running, appointed special ointments, tablets, compression tights or stockings. Tights with varicose veins, for which the price is acceptable, help to reduce swelling and to slow the development of the pathological process and reduce pain in the legs.

Many patients wonder whether it is possible to take askorutin with varicose veins. Take any drugs better only with the permission of the doctor. In General, askorutin promotes venous and vascular walls, and therefore prevents the formation of blood clots and other pathologies.

In some cases, can only help the radical operation is the treatment when the diseased vein is removed through surgery (phlebectomy). Good effect in the treatment of varicose veins also gives laser coagulation, sclerotherapy and ozone therapy. But if you want to cure the disease, you can try on your own at home using regular hydrogen peroxide.

Treatment of varicose veins with hydrogen peroxide1


Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless substance without taste and smell. This substance successfully used in everyday life and in medical practice.

The purpose of hydrogen peroxide can be different:

  • treatment of wounds, abrasions, cuts;
  • bleaching face;
  • discoloration of the hair.

According to scientific studies, the hydrogen peroxide can be detected in any living being. The solution of this substance is considered the best antioxidant, and so helps the elimination of toxic substances and clean up free radicals in the human body. It helps to improve blood composition, saturates it with oxygen and makes it cleaner, normalizes blood circulation. With this expanded blood vessels of the brain and heart, increases efficiency and tissue repair. Even prolonged use does not cause the accumulation of peroxide in the body, so there is no fear of allergic reactions.


To apply the medicinal substance in three effective ways:

  • the injection of a substance;
  • outdoor use;
  • inside input.

Upon intravenous administration into the human body makes a dropper with the peroxide. External use a poultice, gargle or rubbing. Internally, the substance can enter through an enema, drops in the nose or in the drink.

Treatment of varicose veins using hydrogen peroxide is best done intravenously inject the drug. For this fit the 0.15% solution. As a result of this treatment reduces the pain disappears, fatigue, swelling of the lower extremities.

An effective method of treatment of varicose disease was developed by Professor Neumyvakin, offers to take the drug into the scheme or intravenously. In favor of this method of treatment is evidenced by numerous positive reviews of patients who are treated by this technique. A day should take no more than 30 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, starting with 1 drop a day and gradually increasing the dose to normal. A drop of the solution diluted in one tablespoon of water.

Tip: to start treatment of varicose veins with hydrogen peroxide is required with minimal doses, gradually increasing the dose to the necessary boundaries. The need to use only pure and refined solution.

Make the solution only inside preferably on an empty stomach approximately one hour before meals. Since the last eating should take at least 3 hours. It is necessary to observe the cyclical and every 10 days to make a break for 5 days.

To rinse with hydrogen peroxide required to dissolve 1 teaspoon of the substance in 50 ml of water. This solution can also be used for instillation of the nose.

Tip: if you take it after a meal, the negative action of the substance can be side effects. You can't use the strong solution concentration not to receive burns and not to provoke overdose.

After the first application may be a sharp intoxication of an organism and the deterioration of the General condition. In addition, in some cases, may cause skin rashes or other unpleasant symptoms which disappear after some time when the body begins to get used to.

Tip: before treatment is necessary to consult with your doctor to choose the most suitable method and exact dosing of the substance. Self-medication can lead to various diseases and deterioration of General condition.

Contraindications to treatment

A contraindication to the treatment of varicose veins using hydrogen peroxide is individual intolerance to this substance. Of side effects, the possible emergence of General weakness, nausea, diarrhea, runny nose or cough.

It is strictly forbidden to take the drug along with any medication, and people with transplanted organs.